Three Stages of Advising

Stage 1

Meeting every day, if not more frequently.

Reply to every single email from the students.

The advisor knows exactly what the agenda is. Actively participate in the research process.

Stage 2

Reduce to weekly/monthly meeting.

Ignore most emails, only those with [911 MAY DAY] in the subject line would get the advisor’s attention.

The advisor does not know the fine details of research anymore. Students can still count on their advisor for deadline crunching though.

Stage 3

Meeting becomes a luxury; something graduate students cannot afford.

Students learn not to email anymore since it will definitely end in vain. Instead, they practice Pokemon Go, hoping the catching skills would transfer from Pikachu to their advisor.

The advisor is notified of paper acceptance before realizing a paper has been submitted with his/her name on it. Pat on students’ back.

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